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Hello, I’m the Chief Technology Officer and award-nominated Cinematographer & Producer at MPE Studios.

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Chief Technical Officer,
Cinematographer & Producer

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Born and raised in Miami, Florida, David Escorcia’s boyhood hobby of drawing and animation and love towards movies would eventually lead him to pursuing a knowledge and then working as digital artist and an editor in high school. This would spur more interest in Film and Television, as David would then channel his focus into photography and cinematography, breaking into the Film & Television industry right after high school by working on sets, ranging from the camera department to the grip and electric department. David has gone on to become one of the most sought after and respected cinematographers within Florida and the east coast of the United States, with several award-nominations to his name from various film festivals. While David has also built a name for himself as a producer and colorist, his passion for cinematography comes first and foremost, and is an invaluable asset to the MPE Studios team.

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