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Hello, I’m the Co-Founder and award-winning Producer & Screenwriter at MPE Studios.

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Co-Founder, Producer & Screenwriter

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Born with a gift for creativity, Edwin discovered his love of entertainment at a young age. Obsessed with comic books, animation and movies, Edwin began creating his own comic books from the moment he was given his first box of crayons – not only drawing, but creating the stories as well. That passion carried onto making short films with his father’s video camera and with the help from his older brother, Eddie. He would go on to amass a giant collection of comic books, video games, and movie memorabilia. As his love of film and all things storytelling grew stronger as he grew older, Edwin immersed himself in learning everything possible on the screenwriting and filmmaking process. Now as co-founder, screenwriter and producer of MPE Studios, Edwin has gone on to be recognized for his talents, winning numerous award for various productions. Edwin’s passion and vision help to shape the future of not only MPE Studios, but also storytelling and filmmaking for years to come.

43 Award Wins & Nominations in Total


34 Award Wins


9 Award Nominations



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