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Hello, I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer and award-winning filmmaker at MPE Studios.

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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Filmmaker

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Eddie Mariano is an award-winning filmmaker born and raised in Miami, Florida. From an early age, both of Eddie’s parents shared their love for movies with him, and his passion towards film quickly grew. Throughout his
high school years, Eddie was heavily involved in the drama club, as well as many different Film & TV production courses where he began writing, producing, and directing several short films. It was through these activities, he realized that his passion for directing was undeniable. After graduating high school, Eddie went on to attend filmmaking courses at his local community college for Film & TV production, where he improved his skills as a filmmaker. Eddie co-founded MPE Studios (Mariano Pictures Entertainment Studios) in 2005 along with his younger brother Edwin Mariano, a company that would produce and direct films under their names. Not only did this advance Eddie Mariano’s career as a filmmaker, but also as a young entrepreneur, running and co-operating his own production company. In 2006 Eddie moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a successful and influential filmmaker in the entertainment industry. He attended the New York Film Academy located inside of Universal Pictures Studios where he graduated in 2007 with several directing and producing credits to his name, as well as numerous awards in the entertainment industry and film festivals. He continues to pursue his love for filmmaking by directing and producing a variety of films, television shows, documentaries, and commercials.

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